New Mexico Big Game Hunting


The name of our outfit is new, but the big game hunting adventure is familiar to many.  Rio Outdoor Adventures is the new name and brand of two familiar big game outfitters hunting on the Rio Costilla Park ranch in northern New Mexico; Screaming Bull Outfitters and Ute Creek Outfitters merged in 2014 forming the new organization with the idea of bringing you an improved version of service delivery in the big game outfitting industry. Rio Adventures provides the discriminating hunter with the same big game opportunities offered in the past, now as one single entity.  Two of the best big game outfitters in New Mexico are brought together, founding one excellent hunting arrangement.  Moreover, our outfit offers exclusive hunting for you and your group on the infamous Rio Costilla Park Ranch in northeastern New Mexico.  So, Welcome to the Rio.

Unlike many of the corporate “Big Box” out of state outfitters of today who are more interested in selling “a hunt” on a massive scale than selling a quality hunt; Rio Adventures is made up of local New Mexicans who have a real passion for trophy hunting big game. Furthermore, the majority of our guides, staff and team members are owner/members of the Rio Costilla Park ranch having a true vested interest in managing our 85,000 acre paradise with an eye for enhancing our natural resources; so you the true trophy minded hunter have the best possible opportunity to harvest a New Mexico “Wall-Hanger.” 

We’re more interested in trophy class big game harvests than selling our hunts on a massive scale.  It’s simple: Quality over quantity, and we’ve been managing our ranch with this basic resource principal since 1981.  Our investment has been nothing short of phenomenal.  Every year our clients harvest bulls in the 300”-370” range with our harvest rates running as high as 90%. 

Thank you for visiting our website and please view our trophy big game hunting opportunities and trophy room filled with clients and their harvests.  I’m sure you’ll find something meeting your trophy big game aspirations.  If you have any questions on our hunting adventures or wish to book an adventure please feel free to contact us via email, snail mail, phone or click the BOOK YOUR HUNT NOW button located on the top right of the website.  Don’t forget to sign-up for our monthly e-newsletter filled with lots of tips, information and FREE prizes.  BIG GAME IS CALLING!




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